You deserve a vacation

from dry mouth.

Stimulates saliva production, prevents tooth decay and alleviates dry mouth.

Just 1 strip. Up to 8hrs of relief 💪

Just ONE Xerostrip™ lasts up to 3x longer than the alternatives.

is an oral lubrication strip, commonly used for the following:

Prescription Medication, CPAP Users, Xerostomia, Diabetics, Smokers, Cannabis Users, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Oncology Treatment


XeroStrip’s proprietary technology makes it the only product on the market that is able to slow release up to 8 hours.

Cavity prevention

XeroStrip’s main ingredient, xylitol, has been proven to not only stimulate saliva but protect against cavities, keeping your breath fresh.


Our strip contains lubricating agents to help coat your mouth, helping with swallowing and chewing.

Good bye dry mouth, hello sweet dreams!

Prevents dry mouth all night long…

X gonna give it to you.

XeroStrip™ is an oral lubrication strip. It has a natural adhesive on both sides of the strip so it can be placed and held effortlessly within the mouth. XeroStrip is not gum but has a gummy-like consistency. Its flavor is mild winter green. It is sweet-like and gooey once it begins to dissolve. Gooey is good! You can sleep, talk, drink, and even eat easily with the strip in place. Providing your mouth with an oral lubricant all night long!

Xylitol is XeroStrip’s active main ingredient. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in plants. It stimulates your salivary glands while reducing levels of tooth-decaying bacteria. Wow. Yeah, also very cool.

Xerostrip + Xylitol = Xtraordinary Xperience





Mild enough to be comfortable but potent

enough to provide you with lubrication and saliva stimulation.

Up to 8hrs!

Take a vacation from dry mouth.

Take a vacation from dry mouth.

More doesn’t mean better, better means better.

Just ONE Xerostrip™ lasts up to 3x longer compared to alternatives.

Leave dry mouth behind!

Place the strip

Prepare your mouth by gently swishing a small amount of water around your mouth prior to placing the strip. Achieve your desired comfort level by choosing from two placement options:

1. Position the entire strip on the maxillary vestibule, at the back of your gums.

2. For even more coverage, simply cut the strip in half (horizontally or vertically) and place each half on both sides of your mouth.


Let sit

Ensure a secure fit by gently dabbing the outside of your cheek. Within minutes, the strip will transform into a hydrating gel that releases Xylitol for up to 8 hours.



Eat, drink, sleep, and talk with ease while knowing your mouth is fully lubricated and protected.


Did we mention it was created by a dentist, for patients?

So go ahead, take the pool plunge!

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